Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The heart turns ashes

The more we thought,
The more we fought,
The less we got.

You know--
My heart is red,
when it burns,
when it turns darker,
it can't return to its colour.

It has always been like this,
When I have to forget,
to betray and to turn my back,
and shows hand to someone else happiness.
Nurturing their future and forgetting what
once mine--
it's not always mine actually--
but at least it do appears in my dream

I used to think--
what makes them happy might applied to me too,
now I'm drowning to what once become my virtue,
And I lost in the battle I thought I could do,
with a finale of taking breath in a count of two.

The time has come--
the heart that turns darker
now turns ashes,
fade away like a feather,
wrap with tear,
fly with the wind and went further.

Even we're closer, we are too far.
You see me,
but you can never hold my heart.
Not anymore.
it used to shine brighter for you,
but it gradually lost--
when you hold it harder,

I should have told you,
but I kept it to myself,
And so you know--
I'm breaking my own heart,
and it's no one fault but me.

Holding on.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Lukisan Seni : Raut Kaku

Kiranya aku orang paling kaku--
Sukar berperasaan,
Sukar berekspresi,
Raut yg mati,
Senyum pun dalam hati.
Kiranya akulah yang perasan kaku--
Kerana setiap garis raut ini
boleh ditembusi
dan setiap kali itu
tak pernah salah.

Mungkin ekspresi itu lebih seni--
yang dilukis lain yang dimaksudkan lain,
yang dinilai ikut perspektif masing-masing.
Jadi kiranya aku ini lukisan kaku--
yang dinilai luahan ikut hati orang lain,
maksudnya cuma satu

tapi banyak versi yang haru.

Picture : Taken from igalleriez

Hak Milik © Angkara Hati