Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Missing puzzle

I can't see you,
But I can hear your voice.
I can't reach you, you are far away.
I call you but you never came.
You leave me behind,
facing the world, when I'm not surely fine.

Your whispers that linger,
saying I won't be alone
but why I am here rolling in the darkness so cold on my own,
You say you'll be the stars,
bright my sky with your sparkling light,
But I'm still here waiting while looking at the dark empty sky.

You are the pieces of my shattered soul.
with gentle words that breeze,
you embrace my sorrow,
those laser gaze you gave,
saying that I'm a stupid if I ever lose,
and those anger that blow when I pushed my pain to you,
you said you want to take over,
you who scares me, makes me stand firm on my feet.

Do I have to be so hurt?
So I can meet you?
Do I have to be thrown away?
So you're there to keep me?

I'm standing but never move,
I'm crying with no tears,
still, I am crying.
Looking in the mirror,
finding the pieces of me in those eyes,
and sigh when there's only me.
there, I close my eyes, 
tasting the pleasure of pain
when my heart sliced to bleed, and call blood as my silent tears.
How I'm holding on to you.
How I can't live without you,
it's the same as drowning,
Can't you see, I'm trying so hard keeping you next to me?

I can hear your voices in silence,
but why its fading out?
Are you leaving me?
Did I killed you with my smile?
I still need you.
Don't leave me in this lonely road. 
You are me and I am you.
You don't have to go,
I beg you...
Please....complete my missing piece of puzzle.

For Elly and Amilia. 

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