Monday, April 13, 2015

Memory Erasure: Behind The Scene

My name is Aomi (not a typo), I am a memory eraser.
My job is to erase Mira's memories. I'm currently on the move to erase most of Mira's past. She can't really recall any of her past especially the bad one, but she can completely remember what people had said to her, the feeling of being hurt, the fear and the joys. In a conclusion, I only keep an abstract of her essence, not the exact picture.  Just to remind her that her life has it's up and down but she don't have to remember everything.

Besides, I also erase all the memories that doesn't really have a big impact to her life. Like going to the toilet to accompany her friend in the middle of the night (she just knew it last night when her friend told her, but she don't even remember it). Or like going to somewhere with her friends. Don't ask her too much, because she knew that she was going out with you, but believe me, she don't really remember what she did. 

Latest job is,
erasing the feeling that she had for someone, that is less than a year. She won't remember how hate she is to her first love. She won't remember how she loves him. She won't remember the feeling of being loved or in love except for her families.
There are so many things to erase. But I'd rather keep some of it.. Just enough to make her live. 

My name is Aomi (not a typo), I'm the reason of her headache. I'm sorry, but it was the price she has to pay. Unwillingly. 

(Aomi, 2015)

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